about us

Trusted Advisor Network, LLC was founded in 2008 to develop an effective network that addresses the specific needs of professional consultants who serve businesses and business owners. The founders had experienced myriad business organizations, tips clubs and networks, none of which provided the type of support, connections and structure that leads to strategic practice development.

They planned and organized what is now a thriving network operating in several states. TAN has become known for it’s unique culture of education, collaboration, practical application, fun and, above all, trust. It is not a networking group – it is a network that is unmatched in the area of practice development


Craig Dill


Craig is well-known for rapid remediation of business problems and has an extensive background in a variety of industries. He is not just the financial manager of TAN, he is also responsible for oversight of Arizona operations and is TAN’s business/project manager. Craig also heads up the first Special Interest Group (SIG) supported by TAN. He is well-known for his clear, brief and definitely memorable “elevator quip”. LinkedIn profile

Michael Podolny


Michael is a widely respected consultant in the field of business exit and succession who assists owners in maximizing the value of their businesses and achieving their personal goals. His networking strategies are evident in the TAN training program which he largely developed and continues to foster as TAN expands. He is the guardian of TAN’s founding principles and networking philosophies and oversees the moderator/leader training program. LinkedIn profile

David Sahd


David Sahd was a Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TAN from 2011-2014. He is a trusted practice development and marketing advisor to owners and executives of professional firms. He also consults professional and business associations on networking architecture, strategic programming and mission/marketing integration. As TAN’s CEO he motivated philanthropic focus among members who raised nearly $50,000 for ARCA over four years. LinkedIn profile