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TAN Course: Lesson Twelve (Video 15)

Measuring and Monitoring, Getting the Data We Need for Self-Accountability and Future Practice Analysis
TAN Course Video 15

TAN Course: Lesson Eleven (Video 14)

Time Management, How Do We Ensure that We Invest the Time Necessary for Networking Success
TAN Course Video 14

TAN Course: Lesson Ten (Video 13)

Referring and Connecting, What We All Want and What We Need To Be Giving
TAN Course Video 13

TAN Course: Lesson Nine (Video 12)

Testing, Finding Out if You and Another Can Really Work Together
TAN Course Video 12

TAN Course: Lesson Eight (Video 11)

Seeding a Relationship. How to Go from “I Know You” to “I Can Work with You”
TAN Course Video 11

TAN Course: Lesson Seven (Video 10)

Following Up, The Basic Tool for Building Trust and Collaboration
TAN Course Video 10

TAN Course: Lesson Six (Video 9)

Building Trust, Where Collaboration Begins
TAN Course Video 9

TAN Course: Lesson Five (Video 8)

Making Use of Classifying to Optimize One-on-One Meeting Effectiveness
TAN Course Video 8

TAN Course: Lesson Four (Video 7)

Connecting, The Second One-on-One Technique of Meeting Management
TAN Course Video 7